Saturday, February 27, 2010

ABCs for Black History Month

A is for Hank Aaron a baseball player who broke Babe Ruth's homerun record. People made death threats to him because of this.

B is for Barack Obama, the current president of the United States and the first black man to be president.

C is for Coretta Scott King. She was Martin Luther King's wife. She helped to make Martin Luther King's birthday a national holiday.

D is for Frederick Douglass, a slave who wrote a book about being a slave and he was friends with A. Lincoln. He also escaped slavery by jumping on a train dressed in a sailor suit. Pretty amazing, huh?

E is for Emancipation Proclamation, an order by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War that said the Confederate States had to set the slaves if the didn't return to be part of the United States.

F is for the Freedom Riders, students who rode buses in the south to see if intregation was happening.

G is for George Washington Carver. GWC was the peanut man. He made many products from peanuts and was an inventor. He even made 105 recipes using peanuts.

H is for Henry Box Brown, a man who escaped from slavery in a box

I is for I Have a Dream, a speech given by MLK Jr. that said that one day he would like all children to hold hands together regardless of the color of their skin.

J is for Michael Jackson. He was a famous black singer. He was part of the music group the Jackson 5 when he was a young boy.

K is for Martin Luther King, Jr. He was an activist who fought in the Civil Rights movement. He thought things could be solved in peace. He was assasinated by James Earl Ray before his dream came true.

L is for Joe Louis, a boxer who won the heavy weight boxing title in 1937

M is for Michelle Obama the first black woman to be the First Lady of the United States.

N is for the NAACP: National Association for the advancement of colored people

O is for Jesse Owens. He won four gold medals in the Olympics of 1936 for track and field.

P is for Rosa Parks, a black women arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus. I saw the bus at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

Q is for Queen Latifah. She is a famous black singer, actress and rapper. She has won many awards.

R is for Jackie Robison, the first black professional baseball player.

S is for Slavery. Africans were taken from their familys and homes and shipped to the USA where they were bought and sold.

T is for Harriet Tubman, the leader of the Underground railroad

U is for the Underground Railroad, a plan to get slaves to the North so they could be free. A lot of people risked their lives to help the slaves escape. And a lot of slaves risked their lives to be free.

V is for Venus Williams. Venus is a tennis player. She became one of the two youngest tennis stars in America when her sister and her started winning matches on the courts.

W is for Maxine Waters, a congress woman from California. She is the seniorest black woman in congress. She also has the same name as me which makes her cool.

X is for Malcom X, a minister and activist just like Martin Luther King, Jr. He thought that in order to get the job done you didn't have to do it peacefully.

Y is for York, the only black man involved in the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Z is for Zora Neale Hurston. She was an author of many books and short stories, including Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Watch It!!!

Maxines first web show is next week!
Watch it !!!

Maxine said to watch it!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New blog!

   My friends Sophia, Emily and I have a new blog called fathers and bothers.  Our first idea is a underwear war but that might not happen.  We came up with the idea for fathers and bothers early 2008.  The main idea of this blog is driving brothers CRAZY and calling them bothers. 
So if u wanna check out our blog go to to be the first follower and more!

Maxine, Sophia and Emily

Sunday, February 14, 2010

X's and O's

      I got Grease for valintines day!  And guess what it had 11 deleted scenes, it was the extended edition and it has alternated scenes!  Wow that is a lot!
 Happy valentines day and eat lots of chocolate

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All About Handling Deaths

All About Handling Deaths
A Book by Maxine Tewsley

Table of Contents
How to Make Deaths Feel OK
When You Talk to a Person After Someone Dies
Choosing a Good Spot for the Funrall and the Grave
Sad Facts
All About Deaths in the Authors Family
Dear People who are reading this book,
This book is just for sad people to read. This book expresses feeling everywhere. This book is for you.

How to Make Deaths Feel OK
After a death in your family the best thing to do is don't think about the sad things think about the good things. Remember there are more things to do. Like, stay home from the funrall, talk to a person from hospice that might have helped the person that died.

When You Talk to a Person After Someone Dies
When you talk to a person about a death him or her might ask you some questions about sad things and good things and some things might want to make you cry. But it is OK. The people you could talk to are: relitives of that person, people who helped the person and more.

Learn More about talking to kids about handling deaths.

Choosing a Good Spot for the Funrall and the Grave
When you and your family choose a spot to have the funrall and grave the best place to go is where the person grew up. My grandpa's grave is placed in the Oakland Rural grave yard in Youngstown, NY where his sons grew up. My great grandma's grave is placed about 5 blocks away from her childhood house.

Sad Facts
When a person dies you know you will never see them again until you die. (All in sad facts!)

Deaths in the Authors Family
I Maxine Tewsley have had six deaths in my family ever since I was born: my great grandma, my papa, my grandma's good friend and a friend of the family, my cousins Bobby and Joey, and my Aunt Barbara.

Books that my hospice helper and my parents read to me after my papa died:

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs by Tomie dePaola
Tough Boris by Mem Fox
Learn More about other books for kids about handling deaths.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


     Did you people know that on Feb. 6th my aunt died at 7:30 AM. exact.  Her death came from cancer.  Just like my papa.  I will say to her grandkids the stuff I did when my papa died.  Like, I talked to a person from hospice that helped my papa and I stayed home during the funeral because I was so sad. 

     That's all I have to say,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nitro Time With Dad!

Hey Peoples,

Did you know that the hotshot Maxine
just got cooler?

Not really!

Now, here's another story:

Last Sunday my dad, my friend Emily, her dad, her brother and I went to the Michigan Wolverines women's basketball game.  Symons Elem. school (where I go to school) were given free tickets to the game from an awesome PE teacher, Mr. Fleming  Did I tell you it was good for two people?

Michigan was playing Penn State and Michigan won by 4!!!  When I was there, I saw my friend Sophia and we sat by each other.  Maxine was havin a good time!

Peace Out
Maxine T.