Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lincoln the 16th President

You know Washington and Jefferson, Roosevelt and Adams, Bush and Eisenhower, Regan and Nixon...but do you recall the most famous president of all?

Lincoln the 16th president had a very long beard, and if you ever saw him you would be 151 years old.

All of the Southerners used to call him names. They never let poor Lincoln free their precious slaves.

Then one foggy night, he went to a play and a snobby actor snuck up on him and shot him in the back of the head.

Then how the Southerners celebrated, as they shouted out with glee. "we did it!" Lincoln the 16th president you'll go down in history.

Like Rudolph!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My story

I have a story and i was wondering if you like post comments please.

11 year old Julia Roberts thinks shes living a normal life. But her parents are always working leaving her older sister Macy in charge. Her grandma falls ill and her aunt comes to visit from New York. When news of a catagory 5 hurricane called Katrina spreads her family is forced into the superdome. But her grandma who is now forced to stay in the hospital wants Julias mother to stay with her. So she does. After the horrid hurricane ends her mother goes missing she has only the help of a mysterious spirit named jack.

thanks for reading don't forget to post!

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Swimming Sensation

Swimming Sensation
By Maxine Tewsley

Hi. My name is Julia, but you need to call me Coach Julia. I am going to be your swim coach today. Now before we start I am going to tell you a story. Its about me when I was a 10 year old swimmer like all of you. Here's how it starts.
“Today.” announced Mr. Reagle my 5th grade teacher. He had black hair with little strands of gray becoming more visible everyday. “I have an announcement,” he continued smiling broadly.
“Tomorrow we will have an Olympics!”

The class looked around at each other. “You can sign up here,” he said leaning his head toward a large white sheet of paper with black print hanging on the chalk board. “Line up.”

There was a large scraping of chairs and footsteps. I stayed close to my best friend Eliza. She had red hair and a face full of freckles. After a few minutes it was our turn to read the list of activities. I read them aloud to Eliza.

“Basketball, soccer, baseball, relay races, jump rope, hula hoop, football and swimming.” I wanted to swim so badly but I didn't want to race Eliza who was also a swimming.  I thought for a moment.

“Hurry up!” yelled a boy behind me.

I walked up to Mr. Reagle. "Swimming,” I said quietly.

“No problemo,” he said without looking up.

The rain outside was pounding hard on the windows so that meant no outside recess.

“Hi,” said Jack. He was tall and had brown hair.

“Hi,” I replied turning my back to Eliza who was sitting behind me.

“Are you participating?” I asked as Eliza kicked me in the shin from under the table.

“Swimming,” he sighed. “Against you," he continued.

“Cool. Eliza’s swimming too,” I said receiving yet another kick on the shin. I no longer wanted to be kicked so I turned back to Eliza.

Now let me interrupt you there if you think that’s funny coach Eliza will come give you a kick in the shin, anyway back to the story.

The rain had cleared up and I followed Eliza out of the school and down the the street. My stomach ached with hunger. My sisters brownies sounded good. I was happy me and Eliza were getting together. We would train for swimming the next day. As we passed Eliza’s big yellow house she realized she needed to get her swimsuit.

“Hey I wasn't going to swim in my clothes,” Eliza interrupts my story to say this.

“Eliza really?” I question her. I do not like her interrupting my story.

“Sorry,” Eliza says.

Ok, back to the story. So as I was saying we passed her house and ran inside blah blah blah. I dropped my heavy orange and blue twin falls swim bag on the ground. Laying down arms outstretched on the freshly cut grass. She popped her head out the open door. “Are you coming? We gotta get changed,” she asked. I left my bag on the ground retrieving only my swim suit from it and ran up the blacktop driveway.

Me and Eliza had agreed to go to the pond by her house. I waded in and Eliza followed behind me. Every step I took the water got deeper. Once the water reached my neck, I dived under the murky water for a couple seconds before popping my head back out. I couldn’t seem to find Eliza and all of a sudden she jumped on my back screaming.

“Boo!” she interrupted again

“Eliza quit telling my story!' I said annoyed

“Sorry,” she replied

As I was saying, I turned around pulling her under the water. “There is only one way to settle this,” I said.

“Race!' said Eliza finishing the sentence for me.

“Start there. Go to the other side. Hit the log and back.” I nodded and swam up to the bank.

“3.2.1 go!” I screamed jumping into the cold water.  I hit the water trying to keep in time with Eliza. I hit the log. My hand ached, but I turned around and did the same I did before. When I reached the bank I pulled my self up after Eliza.

I had a blue one piece swim suit with white polka-dots. Today was the Olympics. Jack was next to me and the kids on the bleachers were arguing about who would win. 

“Good morning,” said Mr.Reagle. 

“Good morning,” echoed the class. 

“Are you ready?” he said looking at us. We nodded. 

“3.2.1 go!” He sounded like I did yesterday I thought diving into cold water. I kept in time with Jack as I did with Eliza yesterday. There it was the end of the pool. The buzzer. I pushed and pulled myself out of the water. 

“Tie” yelled Mr.Reagle patting us both on back. I smiled. Jack did nothing. 

“Dry off, change, and meet us on the play ground.” said Mr.Reagle and off I went.

I stood cross legged by the hall outside Mrs. Rhoney's (the principals) office. She was lecturing two 8th graders about texting in class. 

“Come in Julia,” she said as the two girls pushed past me. I sat down. 

“No need to sit down darling I just need you to go down to Mr. Reagle's classroom."  I nodded lifting myself out of the classroom. I walked down the long 5th grade hallway and stepped into Mr.Reagles B-64 classroom.

"Hi Julia. I was wondering if you wanted to verse Jack again?” he asked quickly. I nodded surprised and willingly. Jack who I hadn't noticed was sitting in the corner tossed me my swim bag. 

“Go change and meet us in the pool,” said Mr.Reagle who was now walking down the hallway towards the music/band room was.  I met them back at the pool. I took my spot at the end of the pool. 

“3.2.1 go!” he sounded just like he did last year. I did the same I did last year stroking the water carefully trying not to make any errors. I saw the end of the pool, the buzzer there it was in front of me. I hit it hard before pulling myself out of the 9 feet deep pool. There was no Jack standing proudly on the edge. Eliza was cheering hard on the bleachers. I just won. Jack pulled himself out not bothering to hit the buzzer. He shook my hand no expression on his face. Mr.Reagle proudly gave me and Jack both pats on the back. 

“Now you two better get back to class,” he said looking at us. And off we were.

“O.K., you heard my story. Coach Jack will start you with backstrokes,"' I said. “Oh, and by the way don't tell Coach Jack I told you this story, he'll flip right into the pool. Seriously,” I continued.

“Why did you tell them that story!" said Jack running behind me. Splash

“Ow he landed on my head!” said Daniel one of my students

“Sorry.” said Jack.

“See what I mean.”

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Results Are In

The results are in.  Thank you every one for voting.  All one hundred and ten of you.  Yes, 110!
Third Place
20%: A piece on Tecumseh (22 votes)       

Second Place
29%: A historical fiction piece on the Salem Witch Trials (32 votes)       

First Place
49%: A World War I piece about kids living in Berlin, Germany (54 votes)     
I plan to post my blog on World War I by next Wednesday, but if my brother doesn't stop singing the Power Rangers theme song who knows how long it will take me.  Wish me luck. 

I curse the day my brother first saw that show!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Should I Write?


So tonight I said, "Hey mom I haven't done a post on my blog in awhile."  So we started thinking of ideas.  I decided that I wanted to have a vote. Here are my ideas:
  • A historical fiction piece on the Salem Witch Trials 
  • A piece on Tecumseh 
  • A World War I piece abut kids living in Berlin, Germany.  
You help me decide. Voting ends on the seventh of September.  I will post results that night and then around September 14th I will post a blog about the winning topic.  

So vote!
And, you can send me more ideas for blog post at Your ideas will be on my blog with a special shout out to you when it comes out.  Thanks, please vote.
Signing off, 
Maxine Tewsley

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Holocaust: Not a Time to Smile

Follow this link to see my entire multi-genre project on the Holocaust:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holocaust Poems

Note from Maxine's Mom: At the end of 4th grade, Maxine's class took on the task of writing about one subject in multiple genres.  Each student selected a topic, researched the topic, then wrote about the topic in a variety of formats.  Maxine selected the Holocaust as her topic.  The following are the poems she wrote on the Holocaust and submitted as part of her final draft.

Jews, Jews
skinny and scared
concentration camps
cold cots
no pillows
gas chambers
leafless trees
piles of shoes
Gold teeth too

Here I come
I seek Jews to kill
Adolf Hitler
kill all the Jews
Its the final solution
The Holocaust

I am the Holocaust*
I am a friend of Adolf Hitler
I am a terrifying event 
I am a nemesis of all of Europe's Jews
I am a trickster who makes Jews think their taking a shower but instead I kill them
I am a killer to Jews, gypsies and more
I am a time that says the Holocaust is my name and killing Europe's Jews is my game

denotes the version submitted as her final work. The following represent the poem as a work in progress:

I am the Holocaust (draft version)
I am a friend of Adolf Hitler
I am a terrifying event
I am an enemy of the Jews
I am in Europe
I am a trickster who says, "Take a shower."
But instead of coming out alive and wet, you come out dead.
I am a Nazi thing
I am a horrible time
I am a killer of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals
I am a time that says, "the Holocaust is my name and killing Jews is my game."

Days Go By
Days go by
I fell (feel) alone and dry
My heart pounds at the sound of boots
snowy days
rainy days
cloudy days
even sunny days
all is miserable 
in my life
during the Holocaust

Monday, June 6, 2011

Abe Lincoln voki

This is my voice saying the Gettysburg Address while looking like Lincoln.  You can do it too if you go to

Monday, May 30, 2011

Searching for History

This Memorial Day weekend, my family and I spent time in Lewiston, New York.  On our last day we went to Apple Granny for lunch.  The placemats had a local history quiz on them. It said: 

“Put your Sherlock Holmes hat on and go out and do a little investigating. With a little skill and some luck you could be one of the weekly prize winners.”   

I thought it would be really cool to do it because I like history and it was kind of like a mystery you had to solve.  It seemed really cool.  After lunch my brother, my mom and I went out in search of the answers.  My dad and Uncle Kenny joined later.

My brother and I - just before we went on our history quiz hunt. We are in front of the Frontier House - one of Lewiston's most historic buildings.

Important Note: If you want to find the answers to any of the questions on this quiz for yourself then you may, but don’t read the last paragraph.  If you want to find out the answers without taking a trip to Lewiston, then you can read the bottom paragraph.

Stop #1: 4th and Center Street 
Question: Chabert de Joncaire obtained permission from the local Seneca tribe to build a trading post in Lewsiton in what year? 

Stop #2:  Freedom Crossing Monument 
A Note from Maxine: The Freedom Crossing Monument was erected to help people remember that slaves were carried across the Niagara River near Lewiston to Canada. Some people say Harriet Tubman helped bring slaves to this spot on the Underground Railroad. When I first saw the statue, I didn’t notice that there were secret codes, but now I know that there are 5 hidden messages on the statue.

Question:  What is engraved on the baby’s foot and what does it mean?  

A Hint from Maxine: It is a bible verse.  Can you guess what bible verse it is?  

Stop #3: Just south of the monument

Question: On October 13, 1812 the United States invaded British Canada from Lewiston. It was called the Battle of Queenston Heights. At what time of day did the American troops raise the American Flag on the Canadian side?

Stop #4: The broken anchor by the Lewiston Museum
Question: The large steamship the Cibola caught fire off the Lewiston dock in 1895. What was the name of the engineer who died in the blaze?  

Stop #5: Center and 8th Street

Question: Lewiston's Catherine Hustler invented the cocktail. She described it by saying, "It warms both the body and soul and it is fit to be in a vessel of __________.

A Note from Maxine: I've never tasted a cocktail, except for a Shirley Temple. Shirley Temples are very good. I think they are fit for a vessel of __________ too.

When I found all of the answers, I felt like I had solved a mystery.  It was fun.

The Answers:
  1. 1720
  2. Exodus 5:1. Let my people go.
  3. 9:00 am
  4. William Hammond
  5. diamonds

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break

It is Spring Break for me.  The first few days I hung out with my cousins.  Then just me and my brother went to my grandparents.  Yesterday we went to see hop.  And today we are going out to lunch and then, we will see our cousins and go to see baby lambs with them.  On Monday night me and my brother found out we were getting picked up early from my grandparents on Thursday to go to... CHICAGO!   I am so exited.  We are staying at the hotel my uncles staying at.  We are going to the Series tower and to the American Girl Doll store!  we are going to the aquarium to. 
I will tell you more as the week goes on.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Amelia Earhart and Me

Note from Maxine's Mom:
Mrs. B-W's 4th grade class at Symons Elementary in Milan, Michigan studied famous people in history. Each student researched one person, dressed in costume and gave a presentation. The students then wrote comparative biographies about their historical subject and themselves. Maxine's comparative biography, Amelia Earhart and Me, follows.

Maxine as Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart was born July 24th 1897 in Atchison Kansas.  Her parents were Amy and Edwin Earhart. She had a little sister too her name was Muriel.  Amelia took vacations to her grandmothers.

She was a little bit of a tom-boy but not all of her was a tom-boy. She saw her first plane when she was 11; ever since she saw it she was fascinated.  In high school her family had to move a lot so before she could graduate she had gone to 6 different high schools. Later on she became a pilot.  She married Gorge Putnam also a pilot. On her flight around the world her plane crashed and she was never seen again.  Her plane crashed in 1937.

Maxine Tewsley was born on November 12th 2001 in Ann Arbor Michigan. It had been over a century since Amelia was born. Maxine moved when she was 2 years old she moved from a small green house with a large backyard to a big purple house with a small backyard and large stone driveway.  When she was 2 she went to Milan's children nursery.  It was a small school right above of a park. When she was there she met some of her best friends. Soon she started dance.  In 2005 her brother was born her parents named him Alden. Not long after in 2006 her grandpa died.  She is now a competitive dancer.  Her 2010 2011 numbers are Martian hop, Barefoot-en, and Itty Bitty Pretty One.

Both girls had been on a plane but the plane Maxine was on did not take off, however Amelia flew so much.  Amelia's  trips were long and high but Maxine's life took place on the ground not the sky. Amelia's family gave her the money to fly they bought Amelia her first plane. One of Amelia's planes was called lock head Vega.

Both girls had siblings. Maxine had a brother and Amelia had a sister.  Maxine's brother is kind of crazy.  And people don't know about Amelia's sister Muriel.  When Amelia got her plane she gave her sister a big hug.  Maxine's best Christmas present from her family was her DSI. 

Maxine and Amelia had different lifestyles, talents, toys, siblings and parents they had some of the same interests like reading, history and fashion. They would probably love to meet each other.  Both girls had some of the same likes and dislikes. 

A lot of famous people showed up that day....
The Whole Gang

Gertrude Ederle
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Thomas Edison

Alexander Graham Bell

Albert Einstein

Queen Elizzbeth I

Henry Ford

Milton Hershey

Michael Jackson

John Lennon

Abraham Lincoln

Rosa Parks

General George S. Patton

Molly Pitcher


Shirley Temple

Sir William Wallace

Martha Washington

Benjamin Franklin

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Betsy Ross

Lucille Ball

Louis Armstrong

Saturday, March 5, 2011

School and History

Me as Amelia Earhart

Recently my class did a thing called the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is where each individual in my class chooses a famous person and studies about him or her. After studying we write speeches and dress up in costumes.  Then the whole school comes and listens to us and we stand and give our speeches.  I played Amelia Earhart . Some of the other people who came were, Louie Armstrong, Gertrude Ederle, Squanto, Albert Einstein and Betsy Ross. 

I was watching the News this morning and discovered that people in a different country claim to have found Amelia Earhart's plane in a a cave 250 feet underwater.  

My friend Sophie (Gertrude Ederle) & me 
On Friday author Laurie Keller came to my school.  She taught us how to draw some of her favorite characters that she drew in her books.  She taught us how to draw otters from her book, Do Unto Otters and a doughnut from her book Arnie the Doughnut. 

On March 24th  my class is doing a dessert theater for that we will be reading Laurie Keller's Scrambled States of America.  We are doing the Dessert Theater as a fundraiser to raise money for our spring trip to Greenfield Village, where we will spend the day in a school building there and imagine that we are students from along time ago.  You can dress up to look like a pioneer kid.  I am very excited.

It has been a fun school year.