Friday, March 25, 2011

Amelia Earhart and Me

Note from Maxine's Mom:
Mrs. B-W's 4th grade class at Symons Elementary in Milan, Michigan studied famous people in history. Each student researched one person, dressed in costume and gave a presentation. The students then wrote comparative biographies about their historical subject and themselves. Maxine's comparative biography, Amelia Earhart and Me, follows.

Maxine as Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart was born July 24th 1897 in Atchison Kansas.  Her parents were Amy and Edwin Earhart. She had a little sister too her name was Muriel.  Amelia took vacations to her grandmothers.

She was a little bit of a tom-boy but not all of her was a tom-boy. She saw her first plane when she was 11; ever since she saw it she was fascinated.  In high school her family had to move a lot so before she could graduate she had gone to 6 different high schools. Later on she became a pilot.  She married Gorge Putnam also a pilot. On her flight around the world her plane crashed and she was never seen again.  Her plane crashed in 1937.

Maxine Tewsley was born on November 12th 2001 in Ann Arbor Michigan. It had been over a century since Amelia was born. Maxine moved when she was 2 years old she moved from a small green house with a large backyard to a big purple house with a small backyard and large stone driveway.  When she was 2 she went to Milan's children nursery.  It was a small school right above of a park. When she was there she met some of her best friends. Soon she started dance.  In 2005 her brother was born her parents named him Alden. Not long after in 2006 her grandpa died.  She is now a competitive dancer.  Her 2010 2011 numbers are Martian hop, Barefoot-en, and Itty Bitty Pretty One.

Both girls had been on a plane but the plane Maxine was on did not take off, however Amelia flew so much.  Amelia's  trips were long and high but Maxine's life took place on the ground not the sky. Amelia's family gave her the money to fly they bought Amelia her first plane. One of Amelia's planes was called lock head Vega.

Both girls had siblings. Maxine had a brother and Amelia had a sister.  Maxine's brother is kind of crazy.  And people don't know about Amelia's sister Muriel.  When Amelia got her plane she gave her sister a big hug.  Maxine's best Christmas present from her family was her DSI. 

Maxine and Amelia had different lifestyles, talents, toys, siblings and parents they had some of the same interests like reading, history and fashion. They would probably love to meet each other.  Both girls had some of the same likes and dislikes. 

A lot of famous people showed up that day....
The Whole Gang

Gertrude Ederle
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Thomas Edison

Alexander Graham Bell

Albert Einstein

Queen Elizzbeth I

Henry Ford

Milton Hershey

Michael Jackson

John Lennon

Abraham Lincoln

Rosa Parks

General George S. Patton

Molly Pitcher


Shirley Temple

Sir William Wallace

Martha Washington

Benjamin Franklin

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Betsy Ross

Lucille Ball

Louis Armstrong

Saturday, March 5, 2011

School and History

Me as Amelia Earhart

Recently my class did a thing called the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is where each individual in my class chooses a famous person and studies about him or her. After studying we write speeches and dress up in costumes.  Then the whole school comes and listens to us and we stand and give our speeches.  I played Amelia Earhart . Some of the other people who came were, Louie Armstrong, Gertrude Ederle, Squanto, Albert Einstein and Betsy Ross. 

I was watching the News this morning and discovered that people in a different country claim to have found Amelia Earhart's plane in a a cave 250 feet underwater.  

My friend Sophie (Gertrude Ederle) & me 
On Friday author Laurie Keller came to my school.  She taught us how to draw some of her favorite characters that she drew in her books.  She taught us how to draw otters from her book, Do Unto Otters and a doughnut from her book Arnie the Doughnut. 

On March 24th  my class is doing a dessert theater for that we will be reading Laurie Keller's Scrambled States of America.  We are doing the Dessert Theater as a fundraiser to raise money for our spring trip to Greenfield Village, where we will spend the day in a school building there and imagine that we are students from along time ago.  You can dress up to look like a pioneer kid.  I am very excited.

It has been a fun school year.