Friday, September 21, 2012

Remembering the Romanovs - Poetry

I Am
I am hungry and cold
I am poor
I am lonely
And you tell me I can have no bread
I am dying
But you can not kill me
We'll march onto the street with our high held heads
Protesting for the lack of food and bread
Treacherous thoughts run through my head
But you can not kill me
And soon you will be dead
Now I am free
No longer your serf
I was a serf

Proud, confident
Ruling, helping, shouting
Work can be tough
Archiving, shouting, working
Strong, loyal

Holy, religious
Helping, practicing, healing
He's helping Alexei heal
Working, protecting, believing
Untrusted, righteous

Trust Your Dear Mother

Son, Rasputin will help you
Trust your dear mother

Dear, you must trust him
I promise he will help you
Trust your dear mother

You shall not be sick.
You must make me proud
Trust you dear mother

I have taught you things
Please trust your dearest mother
Son, trust Rasputin 

Before the Shooting

Before the shooting
They were flooded in darkness
Loud gun shots rang out
The end of the world
Is exactly what they saw,
for them anyway

Before the shooting
Horrible thoughts in their minds
And they all came true
Shot in a cellar
Their dreams all came to an end
Buried in the earth