Friday, May 3, 2013

3 Journal Entries

As I grabbed a journal and began to write, I noticed some peculiar handwriting in the back of the journal. This journal in particular was a solid black color decorated with small round silver studs. The journal read:

John Albert Tewsley
B.D 08-22-39
S.S 373-34-3###
B.P Mt Clemens, Michigan
      St. Joseph Hospital

1st place of residence:
Hilagar Ave. Detroit, Mi.

end of page one

First Remembered experience
 04-41 Decarter St, Krammer
Homes. Centerline, Michigan
2 yrs. old.

Found myself about 100 yards from my apt. I stood between
two dogs which were about my
height. I don't know rather
if I was terrified or not. I
was not crying. I faintly
remember being rescued by
two adults.

Can't recall anything at
this time, expect for taunting
Jerry Mackenzie, who was about
six months older. He had a leash
on him and he was tied to a
clothes line. I don't recall
what I did, but would rush away
until he reached the end
of his line.

end of page 2

Summertime 1945
Looked out of the front door
and saw hundreds of people,
mostly women walking around
the in field banging on wash
tubs and wash boards. Later
that evening, a party erupted
in the alley of our apt. The
reason being we had the only
street light overhead on our
street. People were acting odd,
lots of laughter, kissing, beer
drinking, drunkenness. Remember
this incident clearly because
someone slapped my hand after
I picked up a cigarette and
puffed on it.

End of World War II

end of page 3

September 1945

First day of school!

end of last entry

My grandfather, John Albert Tewsley, was a brave man -- a man whom me and many others loved. He died on October 6th of 2006. He had a bright personality that keeps our spirits alive even though he is gone. Finding this journal was a wonder. Knowing that there are records from his life in the 1940's  helps me to remain optimistic about history. My grandfather was a part of history. As is everyone else. My grandfather is a man who is gone now. However, no tears are created when his name is brought up. Just smiles.