Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Holocaust: Not a Time to Smile

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Holocaust Poems

Note from Maxine's Mom: At the end of 4th grade, Maxine's class took on the task of writing about one subject in multiple genres.  Each student selected a topic, researched the topic, then wrote about the topic in a variety of formats.  Maxine selected the Holocaust as her topic.  The following are the poems she wrote on the Holocaust and submitted as part of her final draft.

Jews, Jews
skinny and scared
concentration camps
cold cots
no pillows
gas chambers
leafless trees
piles of shoes
Gold teeth too

Here I come
I seek Jews to kill
Adolf Hitler
kill all the Jews
Its the final solution
The Holocaust

I am the Holocaust*
I am a friend of Adolf Hitler
I am a terrifying event 
I am a nemesis of all of Europe's Jews
I am a trickster who makes Jews think their taking a shower but instead I kill them
I am a killer to Jews, gypsies and more
I am a time that says the Holocaust is my name and killing Europe's Jews is my game

denotes the version submitted as her final work. The following represent the poem as a work in progress:

I am the Holocaust (draft version)
I am a friend of Adolf Hitler
I am a terrifying event
I am an enemy of the Jews
I am in Europe
I am a trickster who says, "Take a shower."
But instead of coming out alive and wet, you come out dead.
I am a Nazi thing
I am a horrible time
I am a killer of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals
I am a time that says, "the Holocaust is my name and killing Jews is my game."

Days Go By
Days go by
I fell (feel) alone and dry
My heart pounds at the sound of boots
snowy days
rainy days
cloudy days
even sunny days
all is miserable 
in my life
during the Holocaust

Monday, June 6, 2011

Abe Lincoln voki

This is my voice saying the Gettysburg Address while looking like Lincoln.  You can do it too if you go to