Monday, January 25, 2010

Helping Haiti: Chapter Two

On Saturday, my friends and I did something awesome! We raised $191.11.  All of the money goes to Haiti.  Wow!  We had a garage sale with only a few people helping.  We also asked people to donate their bottles and cans.  I can't belive that we had only ten people come. We did pretty good.

We have decided after looking at all the organizations to choose the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.  We wanted the Red Cross at first but we wanted all of the money to go to Haiti. But we still think that the Red Cross is a good organization.

Last night my mom and I read a timeline about the history of Haiti.  It was cool but a complicated history.  They have had many tragedies over the past hundreds of years.  I am glad to be helping them.

My friends Sophie, Emily and I have been friends ever since our first year of preschool.  We decided to do this together because we like being together and we really do want to support Haiti. We decided to do the porch sale to spend time together and to help Haiti (of course).  We made a cheer.  It went:

Give Me A

H - A - I - T - I 

And then my friend Emily did a push-up hand stand while me and Sophie yelled "Haiti."  It made me feel good although people rolled their eyes at us.  We knew we were helping Haiti.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

M.L.K. jr.

I love to study history in my room. My favorite president EVER is A. Lincoln. He was president during the Civil war & put a stop to slavery!

When M.L.K jr. was given the Nobel Peace prize he put his hand on the same Bible as A. Lincoln! He started a bus boy cot after Rosa Parks was arrested because of not giving up her seat on the bus. I just think it’s wrong. If I were Rosa Parks I would of felt SO ANGRY but proud of herself for standing up to the white.

And that is what Martin Luther King jr. did, he made blacks feel special in a great way. He led the March on Washington on August 28th the year 1963. Many people came from around the country to hear Martin and to march. His speech started with “I have a dream...that one day children will live in a nation where they would be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.” It was in front of the Lincoln Memorial and 250,000 people.

In 1968 he was assassinated in Memphis, TN by James Earl Ray.

On Monday we celebrate MLK day in honor of the most important Civil Rights leader in the 1960s.

I am glad that MLK helped to change America so everyone has a chance, not because of the color of their skin but because of who they are.

Some of the books that I read and used for my research are

I think they would be great books for you to read too!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helping Haiti: Chapter One

I sat facing my new laptop & typed. My fingers hit the keys one by one. Suddenly I heard my mom calling me for breakfast, I asked her “what is for breakfast”? “Toast, doughnuts & eggs” mom replied

I have been thinking I told my mom at the breakfast table, what can we do for Haiti? I said I feel horrible for the earthquake that happened in the country Haiti. Besides, it is the poorest on our side of the planet.

My mom said that my friend Cleo was supporting the country by going through all her stuffed animals & giving the ones she doesn’t want & giving them to Haiti.

I grinned at my ma & I knew what I could do, I would give Haiti at least $200 in cash from my bank account. I thought it was a great idea, but my dad didn’t think it was a good idea at all.

Hmm I muttered to myself I knew what Alden’s school could do for Haiti. The kids could bring in money, clothes, food, toys, medication and blankets and they all did. I knew that Haiti was being helped.
I ran upstairs to my room & typed with hope.

I typed and edited it seven times, the words:
Come to my Help Haiti party! From 11:00 to 7:00 at my house and definitely bring help for Haiti.
I ran downstairs and showed my mom the piece of paper that I had printed out. She read it and she agreed for the party to happen.

All the people I invited showed up at my party. They each brought at least five items to help Haiti. I said to everyone that showed up, “Thanks for supporting my party and definitely Haiti.” I smiled and waved at my friends as they walked out the door.

The next day, my family was ready to box up the stuff that we got for Haiti and ship it away for free. When I looked at the truck, it looked WAY heavier than usual. As I turned around the truck drove around the corner and I felt the best I could for Haiti.

Our school is doing a support for Haiti. And I am pretty sure that many other schools are too.

I believe in ourselves, the people of the United States to save Haiti.

Please help Haiti and pray for them. Because they need our help.

That IS my dream. This week, me and my friend Sophie are going to look through my stuff and decide what I don’t need and what might be helpful for Haiti. I am doing my part. Please do your part too.

A Note From Maxine's Mom:

I am including a list of link's to organizations and news stories that provide information on how to best help the people of Haiti.

From the LA Times

The American Red Cross

World Vision

Children's Hunger Relief Fund

Obama, former Presidents Clinton and Bush on the recovery effort in Haiti

Help For Haiti - Find Out What You Can Do

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miep Gies Lived 100 Years

Yesterday Miep Gies, the lady who helped the Franks, died. I thought she was a very kind lady to the Franks. She was 100 years old. Her birthday was on Febrary 15 - she would have turned 101. 

After the Franks were found by the police Miep snuck into the secret annex.  She looked for anything that the Frank's might have left behind like valuables or treasures.  She found Anne's diary and kept in her desk drawer.  After the war ended she gave it to Otto Frank.  Two years after that, Mr. Frank had Anne's diary published.  Today it has been published in about 65 languages.

Miep was a very brave lady. Anne would have gone to the concentration camp sooner and her diary would have never been found if Miep hadn't of helped them.

I think Miep is a hero even though she said she wasn't because no one would have known about what happenend during the Holocaust and they would never of heard of Anne Frank.

Here is a video about Miep Gies:

Here is a video of Miep explaining how she gave Anne's diary to Otto Frank. It is in another language but you get the idea:

I am going to watch the video Anne Frank Remembered. Miep tells her story about the Franks. This movie won awards. You should watch it too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lincoln History Crafts

Making a new dress for Mary Todd Lincoln
My mom helped me design a different dress
for Mary Todd Lincoln to wear



A Diorama for the Lincolns

Anne Frank Part II

Anne Frank was in great danger. The Jews were being forced to go to concetration camps. Anne Frank and her family went into hiding. They hid in a secret annex in her father's factory. The secret annex had three stories. The door to it was hidden behind a bookshelf. A woman named Miep from Austria helped them by bringing them food and blankets. She brought paper for Anne and pictures of movie stars.

Anne's family shared the space with Dr. Pfeffer and the van Pelses.  Anne DID NOT like Dr. Pfeffer at all.  She thought he was an impatient, unreliable old man.  They lived in the annex for almost two years before they were caught and taken to concetration camp.

During the two years Anne kept a diary on the paper Miep brought to her.  When she first started writing a diary she was thriteen.  In her diary she wrote not just about herself, but she wrote the way she felt about people (or boys!) 

One night when Anne was listening to the news on the radio in the secret annex the Minister of Education said that Jews can be in hiding and there could be evidence such as a diary, a letter or sermons.  The evidence would tell the people what the Nazis were secretly doing to the Jews during the war.  As soon as the Minister of Education said diary everybody looked at Anne.  But Anne, herself, was really excited when he said diary because she wanted her beloved diary published.  So she began to make it better by editing it. 

After two years of hiding in the annex one very rough night Anne and her family thought they heard a police man.  Only it wasn't the police it was a burglar.  The footsteps were heading toward the annex.  Everybody hoped he wouldn't move the bookshelf that was the hiding the door into the secret annex.  After two minutes of silence they heard the footsteps walking away.  But when he left there was still a glow of light outside the annex.  Was someone still out there?  Or, did he leave his flashlight behind?  No one slept the rest of the night. 

A few months later it really was the police.  They went into Miep's office.  The police man drew a gun and pointed it at Miep. She stood up from a chair scared.  The police man said I've heard there's some Jews hiding in this building. Where are they?, he asked.  Then Miep stuck the illegal food ration slips she used for the Franks in her desk drawer.  Her husband came in and he took the food rations and stuck them in his coat pocket and left right away. Because he didn't t to get caught because he was helping WAY too many Jews.

The police found the Franks and the van Pelses and Dr. Pfeffer.  They took them to a concentration camp.  They made them wear a uniform with a red square that meant they were criminal Jews.  Criminal Jews had the most dangerous jobs.  The women had to work in a battery factory.  When the allies were getting real close the Franks were put on a train and sent on a three day journey to a concentration camp called Auschwitz.  Her mom died there.  The girls were sent to Bergen-Belsen camp.  Margot and Anne were sick.  They both died from Typhus.  Margot died first. 

After the war ended Mr. Frank was looking for his family.  He found out they had all died.  He sobbed. But Miep gave him Anne's diary which she had saved after they were taken to the concentration camps.

Her dream was to have her diary published.  Well, her dream came true. But the one question is, does she know it?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anne Frank Part I

Anne Frank's bedroom that was hidden in the Secret Annex.
She shared it with her sister Margot.
She wrote her diary at the desk in this room.
She dreamed that it would be published one day, but she knew it was dangerous because she was a Jew.

I am really tired right now because I have been studying about Anne Frank for the past two hours.  I want to go to sleep now but I will post more about Anne Frank tomorrow.

Good Night and Thank You.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


GWTW is my favoroite movie even though I only saw it 2 times. The first time I didn't really pay attention to the second half !   The second time I watched it with my grandperents and I really paid attenion that time.  

GWTW is almost four hours long!   My favoroite part is when Rhett Butler covers the horses eyes and walks the horse through the huge fire in Atlanta!!!!!!

It first came out in 1939 and it takes place during the Civil War.  It tells the story of the south wanting to go to war and they are happy that they get to go to war.  But it is dangerous and a lot of people die during it.  Scarlett, the main character, becomes a widow.  Her husband died in the war and she was wayyyyy to young to be a widow.

Scarlett is kind of selfish.  After her daughter dies by riding side saddle on her horse and when it jumped she fell off and broke her neck, Scarlett learns you don't need to be selfish because when you keep a daughter she will become selfish just like you. 

I learned from the movie more about the Civil War and the south.  In the movie I found out that the north was called the Yankees but I never figured out why. 

The movie Gone With the Wind has two parts.  Each part takes about two hours.  I think I liked the first part better because it really showed what happened to Scarlett before she got married and how selfish she was.  Because if it started in part two, the movie wouldn't have made sense at all.

It is my favorite movie because I love history and I really like the parts where the sun is setting and you can only see the color of the sky and you can just make out the shapes of the rest of the picture. 

I love the doctor.  My favorite line EVER that he says is, "Good heavens lady, this is war not a garden party!" 

This is such a great movie, I think it would be a great idea for history buffs to watch this entire movie. 

I feel like watching it again this weekend.  And, maybe I will.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lincoln's Boat Ride

I don't like riding on boats, but our 16th president A. Lincoln rode on a flatboat to New Orlans when he was 19.  It took them three months to complet their journey.  Our president A. Lincoln saw slaves being sold and/or traded while he was on the journey.  He wasn't president yet but when he became president he put a stop to it because of what he saw on his boat ride to New Orlans.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I love to draw and paint.  
Here is why I Like being creative.
You can express your feelings even when you're no good at it.  

Here is my drawing

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fun with Rutherford B. Hayes

I told my mom what to write and she typed it for me.

I had a fabulous time today.  Me and my friend Jacob went to the Rutherford B. Hayes house in Fremont, Ohio.  My favorite part was when we saw the upstairs of the Hayes House (Speigel Grove). When I looked up at the very tippy top of the house there was a garden that Lucy Hayes planted when she had nothing to do.  I learned that their evenings were spent singing songs, talking, reading letters and sometimes books. Jacob had a great time too.  The craziest part of the tour was when we were running to get in the tour.  It was freezing cold and we had left our coats in the Hayes Museum. 

Rutherford B. Hayes was the first president to open a presidential library and museum.  Lucy Hayes was the first wife of a president to be called The First Lady.  Rutherford B. Hayes was President during the time when there lots of firsts.  He was the first president to have a phone and a typewriter in the White House.
President Hayes served in the Civil War as a General for the 23rd Infantry of Ohio.  He liked being called General more than he liked being called President. 

The Hayes House  has 57 starirs which take you from the first floor to the fourth floor.  It is currently being restored to look like it did when Rutherford and Lucy Hayes lived there.  Five generations of the Hayes family lived at Spiegel Grove.  All of the items in the home belonged to the Hayes Family. 

You should make the trip to Fremont, Ohio to see this huge and awesome house of our 19th president.

History Rules the World

I love history a lot. It's my dream to become the first lady president. I love to study in my room.

P.S. Without out my BROTHER!

What is your dream?  Type your thoughts below by leaving a comment.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Gerald R. Ford

Ford Facts
  • Born July 14, 1913
  • Born in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Father: Leslie Lynch King
  • Adoptive Father: Gerald Ruldouph Ford
  • Wife: Elizabeth Bloomer Warnn
  • Children: 4
  • Died day after Christmas
  • Date of inauguration: August 9, 1974 (a day before my mom's birthday)
  • Vice President: Nelson A. Rockerfeller
  • Sucratarys: Henry A. Kingsger, State. William E Simon, Trusery.
  • Graduated from University of Michigan
  • Boxing Coach & Assistant Football coach
  • Recived degree from Yale law school
  • Served int he U.S. Navy rising to lutenit comander
  • October 15 married Elizabeth
  • Oferd condisonal amnesty to viitnam war draft evaders & deserters
  • First American President to visit Japan
  • Mother: Dorthy Ayer Gardner

Maxine reseraching her Ford Facts on New Year's Day 2010

Abraham Lincoln: A Biography


Abraham Lincoln was born in Kuntuky on February 12, 1809. He had a mom a sister and a dad. As he grew he learned how to read and it was his favorite thing to do by the fireplace. His sister Sarah loved to make Abe giggle. As the years passed by Abe began to become a man.

Abe had many jobs and his first one was store clerk. Then his careere changed. He became a husband, father, a lawer. Years past he grew his boys grew and his wife grew and espeshily his mind grew.

Now Abe was running to be presidnt of the United States of America, and he won! Abe had to be Presidnt during the Cilv war and he hated slavery so he put a stop to it. Many people from the South did not like Lincoln for stopping slavery.

Espshly John Wills Booth he did not like Lincoln 1 single bit. Abe and his family went to a play called My American Cousin and John Wills Booth knew it. Erly the day that Abe was going to be there John Wills Booth snuck in with a small hand gun and hid. When Lincoln sat down and he had no idea but he was in for a little surprise right in the middle John Wills Booth jumped out and shot Lincoln in the back of the head and then jumped over the stage and broke his ankle.

Nobody knowed where and how John Wills Booth hid until he was found in a barn fire and killed.

Now memories of Lincoln float through our country and we remember him and his history.

Recipe Number One


You will need 1 box of macaroni & a package of peas

First mix up the macaroni then put the peas in the microwave 1min.

Pour the peas on the macaroni & WAHLA you got yourself macaroni and peas!