Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Steam Engine of a Man

A faithful man is what he was
Through thick and thin and on
That bearded man, he was so noble
He chugged on and on

That man, he was a steam engine
So powerful, wise and brave
He fueled with honesty and moved with pride
To wherever he must go

He moved on to speak great words
That freed people among us
And within it all, that man so noble
Made time for the people he loved

His family was working with him
But never misunderstood
That the man that was their father, her husband
Believed in what he should.

Lincoln Observation: #1

I am going to start posting random facts, pictures, and other interesting things that I find about Abraham Lincoln. I will try to post at least one interesting thing a week. I hope you enjoy the things that I find and post. 
-- Maxine