Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rock It

So people!

I am so exited for spring break!  Our family still dosen't know where we are going yet, but I think we are going to suprise my family in Youngstown NY if its nice.  We might also go to Herberts Hoovers house.

I'm exited!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Small Town of Youngstown, NY: A great place to go on a history vacation

This Great Fort, Fort Niagara was built by the French in 1679. It still stands now in a small town called Youngstown in NY. Two forts are still on the coast of the Niagara River, there is Fort George in Canada and of course Fort Niagara in the United States. I have been to both of them and I like Fort Niagara better. They are across the river from each other. They were built to help protect the Great Lakes. Every year in the summer we go there. We always go along River Rd and we always go to my cousin’s house. 

On the way out of the town there are lots of things to see. 1st on your left, you’ll see a very large church and then on your right like 2 seconds later if you look down and very closely you’ll spot a chapel. Did you know that this chapel could have been destroyed? No? Well then here’s the story. A long time ago some Nuns from the church above came down and discovered the chapel and it was not pretty it was a disaster. A man from Buffalo said he would fix it up and he did. Many people know that on the Niagara River the river had many slabs of ice come on top of it in the winter of 1955. The nuns were afraid that the little chapel could get destroyed. But not a single piece of ice touched the chapel, it all formed around it because the nuns and the students prayed it would be saved.

On the way out of town you might also see the house of the 7 basements! Margaret Goff Clark wrote the book Freedom Crossing about this. This house was a stop on the underground railroad.

So next time you want to go on a vacation, go there its awesome!

There are a lot of other things to do while you are there like Niagara Falls and much more. I’m not going to tell you everything. You’ll have to check it out yourself.

P.S there’s a water park/amusement park called Fantasy Island (on Grand Island between Niagara Falls and Buffalo).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Abe Lincoln: A Information Book

Abe Lincoln was our 16th President.  You will love his 57 years of life.  It might even make you cry.  It will make you love the history of our 16th president A. Lincoln.  A. Lincoln was the best president ever.

Abe Lincoln: A Life

Table of Contents

Dedication p.1
Introduction p. 2
Reading and Growing p. 3
Maried p. 4
President please p. 5
J.W.B. Trying pgs. 6-7
Sobing By a train p. 8
The 2 Scary Facts Pgs. 9 and 10
All About the Author p. 11

Dedicated to my loving and crazy dad, John

Lincoln's Path: Childhood, Slaves Sold, Just Married, Lost Children, Becoming President

This book is only about Lincolns life and the last 3 days he spent after his death. Lincoln was one of our best presidents. Plus he's my favorite president.  Lincoln changed America and put a stop to slavery. That is just what you will learn about in this book.  You will learn about his childhood, his wife, his Presidency and even his death. So to learn more about Lincoln read this book.

Reading and Growing

Lincoln was born the day of Feb. 12th 1809.  He was a playful child although everyone thought he was longleged.  But they believed he was a helthy baby boy.

After Abe there was another baby named Thomas after his father.  But he grew very ill and died.  When Abe was just ten his mother died of Milk sickness.  Abe did not want a new mother but he still got a new mother named Sarah.

Abe sat and saw the girl of his dreams her name was Marry Tood Lincoln.  Although she was much shorten than Lincoln soon they were in love.

One hot summer Abe asked her hand in marige and she actsepted soon they were maried.

President Please
Lincoln sat in his living room in Springfield Illinos and waited while his wife Marry packed for the trip to Washington.

Moments later the carige was filled and they were on their way.

Next thing Lincoln was standing in front of the Washington Memorial with Steven Douglas.  Then a man came out and anounced the name of the new president...It was Lincoln he was the new President.

J.W.B Trying
Fords Theter: Fly Away!

Many people in the South didn't like Lincoln especially John Wilks Booth.  Him and his gang was despret to kidnap or murder the president.  The president didn't know.

People in the South belived that Booth could do it.  And soon Booth did.

All his plans to get near the President failed.  But this one didn't.  It worked!

He would sneak into Fords theter where Lincoln and family would be watching My American Cousin and murder the president.

So he snuck in the backdoor and asked an employee if he could sneak past the scenery behing the stage but that was impossible!  So he was lead to a trap door that went under and out the stage on the other side.

But soon Booth was walking towrd the stairs that lead to the presidents box and he was now in the presidents box no one knows what Booth showed the man to get in the box no historian ever found it out.

He saw a door behind him and with his key he unlocked it and steped inside untill just the right time to murder.  Soon he snuck out aimed. Boom the wild eyed president was bleading.

"His faith will live on forever." Marry said.

Peace was found for slaves. But only 5 days of the peace for Lincoln.

Sobing By a train

Lincolns body was to ship off to Springfield Illinois.  It would take three days but it was still going to go on.

People came from around the country to see the train.

People were sobing by a train.

Fun Facts
Did you know that when Booth was just 26 he was shot and killed in a barnfire.  Thats scary!

Did you know? A while after the assassination that two men tried to steal the toom of Lincoln and sell it for 1 hundred dollers but that never happend.

All About the Author

Maxine Tewsley lives in Milan, Mi. She is a dancer.  She is a big history lover and her mom call her a big history buff.  She dances competitivly and can do a leap and the splits!  She also has a super loco brother.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Book Review by Maxine Tewsley: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey of Eward Tulane was written by Kate DiCamillo

Edward Tulane is a china rabbit that is kind of selfish. He goes to many places, some heavenly some horrid. The places he goes are: The Sea, the junkyard, an old ladies garden, a poor person’s house, on the train with a hobo, to a hobo’s camp, on a hill, a women’s house, a toymakers store and Heaven. He is a great rabbit

His days with Abilene were perfect but once away from Abilene it was not! It was horrid and Heavenly at the same time. He knew it too.

His adventurers taught Edward a lesson. The adventures taught him that you will not always be with who you love. But you always can love other people. He was a very good rabbit.

Edward turns un-selfish in the end but I won’t get in to all the details I don’t want to ruin it.

So grab a book, sit back and enjoy March is reading Month!

A picture idea of Abilene’s house


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