Saturday, January 2, 2010

History Rules the World

I love history a lot. It's my dream to become the first lady president. I love to study in my room.

P.S. Without out my BROTHER!

What is your dream?  Type your thoughts below by leaving a comment.


  1. My dream is to have a book published and walk through a bookstore and see it for sale! And to have people tell me they loved reading it!

    Just one of my dreams.

    I hope your dream comes true! I am sure you'd be a skillful president!

  2. May all your dreams come true, and if you keep working so hard I know they will. Grandpa's dream was to play major league baseball and that didn't happen, but I was able to instill my love of the game to my children and hopefully they will pass that on to my grnadchildren.

  3. My dream is to own a children's bookstore. Like in the movie You've Got Mail, where Meg Ryan's character owns a bookstore called the Bookstore Around the Corner. It would have hardwood floors an be in an antique home. I imagine having guest storytellers to come so that children can visit and enjoy a story.