Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anne Frank Part II

Anne Frank was in great danger. The Jews were being forced to go to concetration camps. Anne Frank and her family went into hiding. They hid in a secret annex in her father's factory. The secret annex had three stories. The door to it was hidden behind a bookshelf. A woman named Miep from Austria helped them by bringing them food and blankets. She brought paper for Anne and pictures of movie stars.

Anne's family shared the space with Dr. Pfeffer and the van Pelses.  Anne DID NOT like Dr. Pfeffer at all.  She thought he was an impatient, unreliable old man.  They lived in the annex for almost two years before they were caught and taken to concetration camp.

During the two years Anne kept a diary on the paper Miep brought to her.  When she first started writing a diary she was thriteen.  In her diary she wrote not just about herself, but she wrote the way she felt about people (or boys!) 

One night when Anne was listening to the news on the radio in the secret annex the Minister of Education said that Jews can be in hiding and there could be evidence such as a diary, a letter or sermons.  The evidence would tell the people what the Nazis were secretly doing to the Jews during the war.  As soon as the Minister of Education said diary everybody looked at Anne.  But Anne, herself, was really excited when he said diary because she wanted her beloved diary published.  So she began to make it better by editing it. 

After two years of hiding in the annex one very rough night Anne and her family thought they heard a police man.  Only it wasn't the police it was a burglar.  The footsteps were heading toward the annex.  Everybody hoped he wouldn't move the bookshelf that was the hiding the door into the secret annex.  After two minutes of silence they heard the footsteps walking away.  But when he left there was still a glow of light outside the annex.  Was someone still out there?  Or, did he leave his flashlight behind?  No one slept the rest of the night. 

A few months later it really was the police.  They went into Miep's office.  The police man drew a gun and pointed it at Miep. She stood up from a chair scared.  The police man said I've heard there's some Jews hiding in this building. Where are they?, he asked.  Then Miep stuck the illegal food ration slips she used for the Franks in her desk drawer.  Her husband came in and he took the food rations and stuck them in his coat pocket and left right away. Because he didn't t to get caught because he was helping WAY too many Jews.

The police found the Franks and the van Pelses and Dr. Pfeffer.  They took them to a concentration camp.  They made them wear a uniform with a red square that meant they were criminal Jews.  Criminal Jews had the most dangerous jobs.  The women had to work in a battery factory.  When the allies were getting real close the Franks were put on a train and sent on a three day journey to a concentration camp called Auschwitz.  Her mom died there.  The girls were sent to Bergen-Belsen camp.  Margot and Anne were sick.  They both died from Typhus.  Margot died first. 

After the war ended Mr. Frank was looking for his family.  He found out they had all died.  He sobbed. But Miep gave him Anne's diary which she had saved after they were taken to the concentration camps.

Her dream was to have her diary published.  Well, her dream came true. But the one question is, does she know it?

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  1. I liked learning about Anne Frank thru your eyes. I saw a movie about her years ago and it made me so sad that I couldn't watch it again.
    I am so glad you are enjoying learning about history and especially important events and people. You keep up the good work on your blog. I will look forward to your next posting.