Friday, January 1, 2010

Abraham Lincoln: A Biography


Abraham Lincoln was born in Kuntuky on February 12, 1809. He had a mom a sister and a dad. As he grew he learned how to read and it was his favorite thing to do by the fireplace. His sister Sarah loved to make Abe giggle. As the years passed by Abe began to become a man.

Abe had many jobs and his first one was store clerk. Then his careere changed. He became a husband, father, a lawer. Years past he grew his boys grew and his wife grew and espeshily his mind grew.

Now Abe was running to be presidnt of the United States of America, and he won! Abe had to be Presidnt during the Cilv war and he hated slavery so he put a stop to it. Many people from the South did not like Lincoln for stopping slavery.

Espshly John Wills Booth he did not like Lincoln 1 single bit. Abe and his family went to a play called My American Cousin and John Wills Booth knew it. Erly the day that Abe was going to be there John Wills Booth snuck in with a small hand gun and hid. When Lincoln sat down and he had no idea but he was in for a little surprise right in the middle John Wills Booth jumped out and shot Lincoln in the back of the head and then jumped over the stage and broke his ankle.

Nobody knowed where and how John Wills Booth hid until he was found in a barn fire and killed.

Now memories of Lincoln float through our country and we remember him and his history.

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  1. There is a great non-fiction picture book you might like called Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco. It's about the Civil War and the two young boys who fight together. I think I have some copies in our classroom.