Tuesday, January 5, 2010


GWTW is my favoroite movie even though I only saw it 2 times. The first time I didn't really pay attention to the second half !   The second time I watched it with my grandperents and I really paid attenion that time.  

GWTW is almost four hours long!   My favoroite part is when Rhett Butler covers the horses eyes and walks the horse through the huge fire in Atlanta!!!!!!

It first came out in 1939 and it takes place during the Civil War.  It tells the story of the south wanting to go to war and they are happy that they get to go to war.  But it is dangerous and a lot of people die during it.  Scarlett, the main character, becomes a widow.  Her husband died in the war and she was wayyyyy to young to be a widow.

Scarlett is kind of selfish.  After her daughter dies by riding side saddle on her horse and when it jumped she fell off and broke her neck, Scarlett learns you don't need to be selfish because when you keep a daughter she will become selfish just like you. 

I learned from the movie more about the Civil War and the south.  In the movie I found out that the north was called the Yankees but I never figured out why. 

The movie Gone With the Wind has two parts.  Each part takes about two hours.  I think I liked the first part better because it really showed what happened to Scarlett before she got married and how selfish she was.  Because if it started in part two, the movie wouldn't have made sense at all.

It is my favorite movie because I love history and I really like the parts where the sun is setting and you can only see the color of the sky and you can just make out the shapes of the rest of the picture. 

I love the doctor.  My favorite line EVER that he says is, "Good heavens lady, this is war not a garden party!" 

This is such a great movie, I think it would be a great idea for history buffs to watch this entire movie. 

I feel like watching it again this weekend.  And, maybe I will.


  1. Maxine, I used to go to school with your mom. I remember watching Gone with the Wind in 7th grade. Does your mom remember watching it then? In the quad? See if she does. It's one of my favorite movies too.

  2. Max, my darling granddaughter, GWTW has always been my favorite movie and it was so much fun being able to watch it with you. We will definitely watch it together again. Everytime I watch it I find a new favorite part. Still like the last scene when Scarlet says: "Tomorrow will be another day"

  3. Maxine,
    I remember reading the book GWTW in college. It was a wonderful book, but LOOOOOONG. I think it is just shy of a thousand pages. When we finished reading the book, our professor let us watch the movie in class!

    Mrs. Smith