Monday, January 25, 2010

Helping Haiti: Chapter Two

On Saturday, my friends and I did something awesome! We raised $191.11.  All of the money goes to Haiti.  Wow!  We had a garage sale with only a few people helping.  We also asked people to donate their bottles and cans.  I can't belive that we had only ten people come. We did pretty good.

We have decided after looking at all the organizations to choose the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.  We wanted the Red Cross at first but we wanted all of the money to go to Haiti. But we still think that the Red Cross is a good organization.

Last night my mom and I read a timeline about the history of Haiti.  It was cool but a complicated history.  They have had many tragedies over the past hundreds of years.  I am glad to be helping them.

My friends Sophie, Emily and I have been friends ever since our first year of preschool.  We decided to do this together because we like being together and we really do want to support Haiti. We decided to do the porch sale to spend time together and to help Haiti (of course).  We made a cheer.  It went:

Give Me A

H - A - I - T - I 

And then my friend Emily did a push-up hand stand while me and Sophie yelled "Haiti."  It made me feel good although people rolled their eyes at us.  We knew we were helping Haiti.


  1. Hello Maxine,

    Congratulations to you and your friends for raising $191.11 for helping Haiti.

    I got your link from Huffington Post in an article this morning by Carol Hoenig "Author of the multi-award-winning novel, "Without Grace."


  2. Maxine, your efforts will bless many and I pray your example also blesses many.

  3. Congratulations Maxine, Sophia, and Emily. It's good to see that you are reaching out to Haiti in lots of ways. I know you have helped at home and at school to raise money for the earthquake victims.

    I am proud to know such wonderful giving young citizens that will truly make a positive difference in our future!

  4. Congratulations on such a successful event! I am sure many people in Haiti will be glad for your support.

    I discovered your blog through your mom & dad, and I am thrilled to see you writing about your passion for history!