Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Book Review by Maxine Tewsley: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey of Eward Tulane was written by Kate DiCamillo

Edward Tulane is a china rabbit that is kind of selfish. He goes to many places, some heavenly some horrid. The places he goes are: The Sea, the junkyard, an old ladies garden, a poor person’s house, on the train with a hobo, to a hobo’s camp, on a hill, a women’s house, a toymakers store and Heaven. He is a great rabbit

His days with Abilene were perfect but once away from Abilene it was not! It was horrid and Heavenly at the same time. He knew it too.

His adventurers taught Edward a lesson. The adventures taught him that you will not always be with who you love. But you always can love other people. He was a very good rabbit.

Edward turns un-selfish in the end but I won’t get in to all the details I don’t want to ruin it.

So grab a book, sit back and enjoy March is reading Month!

A picture idea of Abilene’s house


  1. Loved your book report. Maybe I should read it. We will have to discuss it when we come down to visit you. Look forward to your blogs.
    Grandma J

  2. Hi researching Tewsley Family (James Tewsley b 1760 Surrey England and wife Elizabeth Buckle) was wondering who your Jack ties in.

    Lynne Shoalts