Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Book Review by Maxine: Off Like the Wind

       Mike Spradlin just wrote a new kids book about the Pony Express. Me and my mom read it together. It was a really good book. It was a picture book; the title was Off Like the Wind.  Me and my mom both really liked it. I learned how important the pony express was. I learned that it was dangerous for the riders, I didn't know that at first.

     Now, I'm not going to go into all the details, but read it and you might be surprised about how hard it was to communicate with people who live far away. Now we can send e-mails and talk on the phone.  The e-mails you send takes seconds to get to places like Seattle.  Before the Pony expess it took them months. Then, the Pony Express got it down to just a week.  Now, it takes just seconds!

I think you should read the book.  I mean you HAVE to read it.  I LOVE this book!
       SR-E-A-D  his new book Off Like the Wind now!

Read it!

P.S. There is even something about my favorite president A. Lincoln in this book.

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