Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Legend of the Mississippi River

Long ago, when the world was new the creator made a man and a woman. They married and had 5 kids.  They named them Eda, Sacajawea, Swantee, Sqanto and Sonton. They loved each other very much. They also loved their parents.

One day Swantee got very sick. Everyone was very sad. Espeshilly Eda.

One night Eda heard a wail. It came from Edas moms and dads room. She dashed in and discovered Swantee was dead. The next morning Eda snuck out to the hill by her home. She climed to the top and began to cry.

Her tears got bigger and flowed down the hill side. As they got bigger they flowed farther down the land. The water got wider and wider. Finally Eda knew she didn’t have any tears left. So she got up and walked away

Legend has it that people still see Swantee floating down the river and all the children swimming after him.

People now call the river the Mississippi river

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  1. Max: What a cool story. You should draw a picture to go with it. You have such a great imagination. I love your stories. Hope you have a great birthday this weekend.