Monday, May 30, 2011

Searching for History

This Memorial Day weekend, my family and I spent time in Lewiston, New York.  On our last day we went to Apple Granny for lunch.  The placemats had a local history quiz on them. It said: 

“Put your Sherlock Holmes hat on and go out and do a little investigating. With a little skill and some luck you could be one of the weekly prize winners.”   

I thought it would be really cool to do it because I like history and it was kind of like a mystery you had to solve.  It seemed really cool.  After lunch my brother, my mom and I went out in search of the answers.  My dad and Uncle Kenny joined later.

My brother and I - just before we went on our history quiz hunt. We are in front of the Frontier House - one of Lewiston's most historic buildings.

Important Note: If you want to find the answers to any of the questions on this quiz for yourself then you may, but don’t read the last paragraph.  If you want to find out the answers without taking a trip to Lewiston, then you can read the bottom paragraph.

Stop #1: 4th and Center Street 
Question: Chabert de Joncaire obtained permission from the local Seneca tribe to build a trading post in Lewsiton in what year? 

Stop #2:  Freedom Crossing Monument 
A Note from Maxine: The Freedom Crossing Monument was erected to help people remember that slaves were carried across the Niagara River near Lewiston to Canada. Some people say Harriet Tubman helped bring slaves to this spot on the Underground Railroad. When I first saw the statue, I didn’t notice that there were secret codes, but now I know that there are 5 hidden messages on the statue.

Question:  What is engraved on the baby’s foot and what does it mean?  

A Hint from Maxine: It is a bible verse.  Can you guess what bible verse it is?  

Stop #3: Just south of the monument

Question: On October 13, 1812 the United States invaded British Canada from Lewiston. It was called the Battle of Queenston Heights. At what time of day did the American troops raise the American Flag on the Canadian side?

Stop #4: The broken anchor by the Lewiston Museum
Question: The large steamship the Cibola caught fire off the Lewiston dock in 1895. What was the name of the engineer who died in the blaze?  

Stop #5: Center and 8th Street

Question: Lewiston's Catherine Hustler invented the cocktail. She described it by saying, "It warms both the body and soul and it is fit to be in a vessel of __________.

A Note from Maxine: I've never tasted a cocktail, except for a Shirley Temple. Shirley Temples are very good. I think they are fit for a vessel of __________ too.

When I found all of the answers, I felt like I had solved a mystery.  It was fun.

The Answers:
  1. 1720
  2. Exodus 5:1. Let my people go.
  3. 9:00 am
  4. William Hammond
  5. diamonds

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  1. Fantastic job, Maxine! I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay in Lewiston and took part in the Historical Association of Lewiston's placemat history quiz! Your blog came out great!